Cold Water Condensation: Fixing the Problem Before Damage Occurs

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 10, 2019 // Blog / insurance / mold damage / prevention / Public adjuster / Water damage

cold water condensation

Since Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting is located in Florida, we frequently see plumbing issues and the insurance claims related to them. One of the issues in the Sunshine State that tends to crop up often is cold water condensation. Let’s see what this is and what you can do about it. What is Cold Water […]

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The Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) Scam

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 26, 2019 // Blog / insurance / Public adjuster


“The Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting”, also known as UPPA, is consumer fraud. It preys on disaster-stricken people. These individuals’ losses can range from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Victims are frequently left without a remedy since the UPPA offenders will disappear or aren’t worth suing. What Is the Unauthorized Practice […]

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Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Public Adjusters

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 19, 2019 // Blog / prevention / Public adjuster

fake public adjusters

Representative Sean Shaw sponsored and passed a law in 2018 that protects hurricane victims against scammers and criminals such as fake public adjusters. There are still plenty of methods, however, that scammers and criminals can use to: Convince policyholders to assign contract benefits Make offers that are too good to be true Overcharge for services […]

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Florida Time Limit for Natural Disaster Damage Claims

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 12, 2019 // Blog / insurance / Public adjuster

natural disaster damage

Has a hurricane or tropical storm damaged your property? We know the last thing you want to worry about if that’s the case. It is making sure the claim is filed before the time limit for natural disaster damage claims is up. Contacting an experienced property insurance adjuster, like Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, will help. […]

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Important Hurricane Season Reminders

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 5, 2019 // Blog / Hurricane Preparedness / Hurricanes / insurance

hurricane season

September and October are when tropical storm activity starts to pick up here in Florida. Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting is here to remind you of a few tips to help you and your home stay safe during hurricane season. 1. Review and Secure Policy Information You need to look back over your homeowner’s insurance policy. […]

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How to Handle a Rental Property Fire Claim

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 29, 2019 // Blog / fire damage / prevention / Public adjuster

rental property fire claim

Dealing with a rental property fire claim can be overwhelming when you manage a property. Knowing what to do during that process, however, can help ease some stress. Here are a couple of things you, as landlord, need to take care of for a rental property fire claim. To Do Immediately The first thing you […]

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Fire Prevention Tips That Can Keep Your Home Safe

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 22, 2019 // Blog / fire damage / Public adjuster

fire prevention tips

We have the benefit of knowing that we try to help everyone that hires us to help with their fire damage insurance claim. However, we hate to see the heartache that comes with such a claim. This is why Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting wants to offer you five fire prevention tips to keep your home […]

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Hire a Public Adjuster to Avoid Fire Claim Denial

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 15, 2019 // Blog / fire damage / Public adjuster / smoke damage

fire claim denial

Someone’s fire claim being denied by their insurance company is something we see all too often. Only after a fire claim denial do homeowners come looking to hire a public adjuster for help. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do after a claim has been rejected. A licensed public adjuster can be very helpful, however, […]

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Important Tips When Filing a Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 8, 2019 // Blog / fire damage / Public adjuster / smoke damage

filing a fire damage insurance claim

Everyone knows to keep fresh batteries in their smoke alarms, have an emergency plan, and put rescue stickers on the windows. Have you considered, however, what would happen after a fire? Even a small fire can cause damage, so do you know the steps for filing a fire damage insurance claim? Here are five tips […]

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Should I Hire a Public Adjuster to Help with My Fire Damage Claim?

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 1, 2019 // Blog / fire damage / Public adjuster / smoke damage

fire damage

It is daunting to deal with the aftermath of a fire by yourself. When you have fire damage, you have to deal with: Fire damage claims process Inspections Cleaning Repairs Rebuilding Plus, this would all be on top of the emotional toll of loss and taking care of your family. This can easily overwhelm you. […]

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