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About Aftermath Adjusters

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC has been actively helping policyholders with insurance claims for years. In addition to unnamed Testimonialsstorms and perils, the Aftermath team has worked major hurricanes like:

  • Sandy in NJ
  • Irma, Matthew, and Wilma in Florida
  • Ike in Texas

Our 50+ years of combined experience can help you get the most your deserve from the insurance company.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. These testimonials from past clients explain why you should contact Aftermath Adjusters today if you need to make an insurance claim.


A True Professional

“If you’re looking for a true professional and someone knowledgeable about how to handle your claim, you need to look no further. I’ve known Lee Anderson for many years, and he is someone of integrity who cares about his clients.  I have two homes that between them have had an underground water leak, a roof leak, and a leak under my sink.  Lee has helped to resolve each claim beyond my expectations!”

–Lisa R

Has a Passion for Helping People

“After having a plumbing problem in our master bathroom, I was referred to Lee Anderson by my wife’s family.  I quickly realized I was dealing with someone who had a tremendous amount of experience and passion in helping people. He was punctual and worked quickly to resolve our claim with the insurance company. He kept us informed and gave us real expectations on what the insurance would pay and how the process would go overall. He made the process feel smooth and effortless. I was so pleased with how our interaction went that I have referred him to all of my coworkers and my neighbors. Anyone who uses Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting will be very pleased with their outcome.”

— Kimo Young

Knows How To Apply Expertise

“Everything began backing up in my plumbing lines of my house.  My wife couldn’t wash dishes, we couldn’t use the shower, nor use the toilets. Lee was able to diagnose the cast iron pipes problem quickly, which was then confirmed by our plumber. He has a lot of expertise that he applied quickly to my claim. I’ve since sent several of my friends to him for help.”

–Charles M

Saw Damage I Didn’t Notice

“Words cannot express my appreciation for your visit this morning.  You saw damage that I had not noticed.  I have now emptied the shelves in the living room recess after you pointed out they are separating from the rear wall.  I now recognize the importance of your visit and inspection. ”

–Sally R

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